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3 Feb 2013


Salam to all readers,
hari ini Hana nak berkongsi pengalaman TTC. Apa yang hana usahakan sejak 2008.


Diagnose SLE but not active. Detect through blood test. Suddenly all joint paint. So Doc decide do blood test. So they send for test Arthritis, Gout and SLE. All done by PKU, UTHM
Result - positive SLE.
Immediately admit to GH Batu Pahat. Almost 1 week ++
On prednosolone one week only.
Continue checkup at HUKM, Cheras.
So everything was good. Nothing to worry. Just follow up checkup every month at HUKM.
Married December 2012. So moved to Johor.

Missed medical checkup at HUKM, Doc HUKM call ask to do Full Blood count ( FBC) immediately at any clinic. So my husband decide went to Klinik Kesihatan Tampoi because his friend MA there. We got fast lane. And we got the result within 15minutes.  The MA not satisfied ask to do once again. Maybe the result fault. Do again and waited for other 15 minutes. That time i dont know how to read the FBC result. The MA's face changed and give advice to my husband.

The Doc from HUKM ask to call her after got the FBC result. So I called and read all the result to her. She ask me repeat twice. Then she told me have to admit asap. I'm blurred. I said i will admit at HUKM. She refuse and ask me to go emergency HSA. She will call the doc HSA.  SLE patients was treat like VIP.

On prednisolone (steroid) and about 10 types of drugs.
Doc advise not to pregnant

Monthly checkup
Platlet increase to 45++
Just take drugs from hospital and take Alpha Lipid Life Line 2 tins. Maybe it makes my platlet increase to 45. For sle patient, platlet 30++ consider ok.

nothing to worry. Prednolose reduce to 5mg
I feel my body better than before. And i know how to handle my stress.
Side effect - weight gain
Off prednosolone on february.
Monitor my platlet every 4months

Off all drugs
Start looking for supplements
Weight gain so i try to put my weight down
So try SDII about 4 tins then off  because too much protein  make kidney heavy
Then try PB corset on June.
Planning to conceived. Ask advise from doc.

try family wellness set from shaklee + gla. Family wellness to prepare my body and GLA to regular my period.

Went to O& G clinic at Skudai.
Everything was ok and doc ask to put weight down.
The reason only i'm over weight.
Doc prescript: Yaz and Metformin HCI 500mg
He ask to take folic acid. I refuse because already take bcomplex.
I also show all supplements that  i take.  Doc said supplement not interfere with drugs. So just continued.

Alhamdulillah my period regularly since november
Try to conceived
Pray and pray

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